Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Volunteers are not Chump Change you, Turkey Trail Trot.

Running events require volunteers to make the events successful, and folks who are trying to volunteer shouldn't be treated as turkeys.

What I can't stand is that some events just keep promoting the need for volunteers and when one responds, the event does not bother to respond but just keep trolling their ad for volunteers.  And, then at the last minute, they send you a blow off email.

In 2008, I saw an ad on Craigslist for this event asking for volunteers.  I responded and saved the date on my calendar for the event.  I never received a response from anyone from this event, yet I see the event repost their seeking volunteers ad again.  Finally, near last minute, I finally received an email, saying thanks, but no thanks, check out the other event and contact them in your area if you want to volunteer.

In 2009, same thing happened.

Well, this is 2010.  I see your darn seeking volunteer ads posted not once but twice on Craigslist.  I am not volunteering for your event.  But, I will volunteer for other events and have done so.

Beware of the Turkey Trail Trot!  They just troll volunteer ads and are not serious about getting volunteers.

Add on:
My friends did the Turkey Trail Trot one year, while my bro and friend did the Turkey Trail Trot another year.  They, all, had a good time.  So, from experience, it's OK to pay and run in it, but not good if you try to volunteer.


  1. Many times these organizations are looking for groups of volunteers - makes their job easier. When I was active in Scouting, our troop volunteered at races. Organizers would make charitable "contributions" to us (as much as a 4 to 6 thousand dollars depending on the race).

  2. @Glenn - That's probably it. Someone didn't want help from the lone ranger.

  3. This is Steve, the race director of the Turkey Trail Trot. I assure you that volunteers are NOT treated like Turkeys at the event. EVERY year, for the past 8 years of the event, we have 30-40 volunteers who generously donate their time and all of these INDEPENDENT, individual volunteers come through craigslist postings, in addition to the 30+ kids from the Lowell Track Team, which is a race beneficiary. This race would NOT happen without the support of each and every volunteer. Not sure about your experience in the past about voluteering, but all volunteers are sent several emails before the race about race day info/volunteerig.

  4. Thanks, Steve, for responding. I tried volunteering for your event 2 years in a row. I never received a response except for the last minute, thanks, but no thanks email and to contact Rhody Co, another event promoter, if I wanted to volunteer for their event instead.

  5. Hmm, I might recall that, however, at some point, normally closer to race day, we sometime we end up getting too many volunteers, which means that many would be standing around doing nothing, which isnt that efficient. Not sure why this happened two years in a row, but rest assured, this race does not take volunteers for granted. We have a group that has showed up on Thanksgiving for the past 8 years at 5AM, and the rest of volunteers at 6:30AM, so it's very humbling to see that many people coming out so early on a holiday. Very Sorry this happened to you. That said, if you are still interested in volunteering this year, the sign up form is on the website. Steve

  6. On both instances, I had applied early to be a volunteer. I was not contacted yet the seeking volunteer added was posted again after I had applied. The only email I had received each time was the thanks but no thanks one which was received close to the event date.

    I have volunteered at other events and have always gotten a response quickly.

    Anyhow, thanks for your apologies. I have other plans this Thanksgiving, but good luck on your event.