Friday, November 5, 2010

$5 off the Inaugural Safari Park Half Marathon in San Diego, CA. Event date: 3/13/11.

The following event is one I would definitely like to do if I know what my plans are for next year:

Inaugural Safari Park Half Marathon
San Diego, CA
Event date:  3/13/11, Sunday

Race proceeds will go towards building a new tiger exhibit.

$5 off
Code:  FBSPHM5
Expires:  11/7/10

For more info., about this event, please click here.

This one sounds like a fun one.  Hopefully, no dangerous animals are on the loose during the event.


  1. The only problem is that place is way out in the middle of nowhere in North San Diego County. Man - there's not even an Indian casino close by! That tells you how far out in the boonies that place is. (Used to be the San Diego Wild Animal Park).

  2. @Glenn - I think you have to be much farther away from downtown to have an Indian casino.