Friday, November 18, 2011

Misadventures on an Adventure Run. November 17, 2011

Went running at the Road Runner Sports San Carlos Adventure Run.  This was the last adventure run for the year.

Heard it was coming back in March 2012 though.

How It Works?
Runners/walkers have less than 1 hour to run/walk to as many checkpoints as possible, gathering raffle tickets at each checkpoint.  Those who wear a special event tech T during the run received bonus tickets at each checkpoint.

Raffle tickets were later dropped into a container for chances to win raffle prizes, which included Foot Balance shoe inserts, Road Runner Sports gift certificates, nuun drink tablets and free pairs of Mizuno shoes.

Those of legal drinking age also received a free beer ticket for per-registering for the event, complements of Deschutes Brewery.

My misadventures consisted of the following:
  1. It was pretty dark at some points.
  2. I wasn't familiar with the area and got lost a bit along the way.
  3. But, the worst part was that I dropped my checkpoint raffle tickets along the way and had to backtrack looking for them.  I never found them, losing valuable time in addition to the tickets.  :(

After the run was over, I was happy with my running but felt pretty sad listening to the raffle numbers being called for possible winners.  Everyone else had way more tickets to check than the measly few I had.

None of my tickets were called out as a winner  But, I felt better when they tossed a few items into the crowd as prizes, and I managed to pick up 2 pairs of Feetures! tech socks and a package of PowerBar Gel Blasts.

I was happy to at least go home with a prize from the event.


3.24 miles @ 0:44:21

Also, walked 4.31 miles.

Guestimate calories burned:  589

Road ID: 20% Off. Expires: November 28, 2011

The holiday shopping is on.

For those who know a runner, a bicyclist or a triathlete, a great gift to give to that active someone is from Road ID, who make ID bracelets and accessories.

Emergency contact and medical information can be engraved on a Road ID product.  In case the wearer of a Road ID becomes incapacitated during possibly a run or a ride, emergency responders can possibly use the medical and/or contact information engraved on a Road ID.

To start shopping for that special active someone in your life, click on the Road ID logo on the right side of the screen and use the following code to get your discount:

20% off
Code:  pcSanta220
Expires:  November 28, 2011

Happy savings!!!

Lots of Walking and Getting Around. November 16, 2011

For the day, 8.9 miles walked.

Guestimate calories burned:  601

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Injured and Didn't Realize It Until Midway During a Run. November 15, 2011

Often times before a run, I check my toe nails to minimize damage to my socks.  If a nail is sharp, I usually trim it or file it down.  Today was no different.

But, during my run, I looked down at my shoes. I saw blood seeping out at the top of my shoes.

I got in 6 miles but was distracted along the way.

Guestimate calories burned:  731


 When I got home, this is what I saw:

One of two bloodied shoes.

A pair of bloodied socks.

Cleaning my shoes and socks was not fun.

A pair of shoes being dunked.

My wet shoes are officially out of commission for 1 to 2 weeks to dry.  Fortunately, I have a couple of other pairs of shoes to keep me busy for the duration.

I hope my streak of recent boo, boos have come to an end.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Walking and Errands Kinda of Day. November 12, 2011

No run today.

I was sitting at a bus stop waiting for the next bus to come along, and I saw all these runners running by.  It made me want to just go for a run, too.

But, alas, I got to get a bunch of errands done, so no running for me today.

Walked about 5.69 miles.

Guestimate calories burned:  317

Friday, November 11, 2011

Went on a Long Run in New Shoes and Ate a Bug. November 10, 2011

I heard bugs tend to be more active at sunrise and sunset.  I went out on a long run that went into the evening.  As I was breathing, something hit the back of my throat.  Next thing I know, I swallowed whatever it was.

Perhaps, I should invest in bug mask of some kind.

Note to thyself:  Do NOT pull out a pair of Nike Vomeros fresh out of a box to do a long run.  They were rather stiff, and I had to put in more energy to keep going.  This was not the case with several pairs of Asics Gel Nimbus.

New pair of Nike Vomero 5.  Start off with the shorter runs first before you hit the long runs in them.

All in all, I got in 13.24 miles @ 2:41:22 and walked 0.49 mile for a short cool down.

Guestimate net calories burned (bug not included):  1,027

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Itching Skin or Not, Went for a Run. November 8, 2011

My wounds from this past weekend's crash are healing up.  One of them is a real itcher.  It's going to be a torturous healing process.

Went for a run.

4.14 miles @ 0:49:39

Also, walked 4.18 miles

Guestimate calories burned:  729

Monday, November 7, 2011

First Run Post-Crash. November 7, 2011

With wounds band aid up, I went out for my 1st post-crash run.

During the 1st mile, the new skin on my knees were tight, and it did hurt slightly as I was trying to run.  However, after the 1st mile, I didn't notice much.

6 miles @ 1:07:50

In addition, walked 1.37 miles.

Guestimate calories burned:  849

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Run, a Crash and a Near Crash. November 5, 2011

Went for a run today.

Along the way, there was some broken sidewalk.  I misjudged the distance, tripped on some of the broken sidewalk, then fell.

Trying to get up, my boo, boos looked pretty bad.  I can see blood trailing down one arm.  I can also see blood coming out from 2 fingers.  And, that's before I saw blood trickling down 1 knee.

I picked myself up and continued on my way.

And, along the way, I almost crashed again.  There was a garbageman emptying a garbage bag out of public garbage can.  Without looking for pedestrians, he picked up the garbage bag and put it directly in my path.  Fortunately, I wasn't going that fast, so I jumped over the garbage to safety.

Now, I was thinking I am jinxed today.

I continued onwards.  My knee must have looked pretty bad.  At one point, a nice lady pushing a child in a stroller going the opposite direction saw me approaching.  She yelled at me, "I have some clean wipes."

I thanked her, said I was alright and continued onwards.

When I finally finished my run, this is what I saw on 1 of my legs:

1 of my boo, boos.  I felt a bit late for Halloween.

I was planning on going to the gym afterwards.  But, I decided to give my wounds some time to heal.

I spent quite some time cleaning my wounds, spraying antiseptic spray and band aiding them up using some Neosporin.

6.24 miles @ 1:11:47 

In addition, walked 5.81 miles.

Guestimate calories burned:  1,338

Friday, November 4, 2011

Trying to Get in a Run Without Being Rained On. November 3, 2011

Old man winter came knocking.  Rainy and windy today.

I checked the hourly forecast on trying to get a run in without being rained on.

Early in the day, it wasn't accurate.  The rain came earlier than forecasted.  Late afternoon, I lucked out.

4.76 miles @ 1:00:17, encountering 3 hills along the way; 2 mean ones and a smaller one

Weights, free weights and abs @ 0:33:00

In addition, walked 4.77 miles.

Guestimate calories burned:  939

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Run, then Went to the Gym. Mentally, Feeling Lost Running-Wise. November 1, 2011

I wanted to go on a long run today, but it was too hot.  The air was also unusually dry.

4.29 miles @ 0:51:51 with 1 hill along the way

Weights, free weights and abs in 0:30:00

Also, walked 5.45 miles.

Guestimate calories burned:  935


Mentally, I am feeling lost running-wise.  For some time, I had several half marathons on my running calendar, so I knew what my running schedule should be.  Now that all those races are completed, I am in a state of uncertainty what runs and distances should be done on what days.

On the positive side of things, I do not have the post-race blues, and I am not physically injured.

With the holidays coming up, there aren't many running events which I am interested in, but I may run in a Turkey Trot to try to keep some of the holiday pounds off.