Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Marathon PR Trashed Legs Meet the Adidas Boost

The hub bub is on for the Adidas Boost running shoes for about a few weeks now, and I haven't been able to meet a pair because of work.  It's suppose to have more bounce in its step and not break down as easy as other foam running shoes.

I showed up at an event today and was surprised there just happen to be demo pairs.

Earlier in the day, I was struggling to go downstairs as my legs are still trashed after the LA Marathon from 2 days ago.

Stairs after a marathon is no fun.

But, once I saw the Adidas Boost, even though I had marathon PR trashed legs, I really needed to go for a short run in them.  And, off we went around a parking lot.

Finally, I get to meet the Adidas Boost.

The Adidas Boost is very cushiony.  The top front part of the shoe is suppose to fit like a glove over the top front of the foot.

Since I usually go back and forth between the Nike Vomero and the Asics Nimbus, the Adidas Boost would fit in with my type of shoe.  Even my marathon PR trashed legs have to agree, I want a pair of the Adidas Boost.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Groupon: The Rave Run 5k, Santa Clara Fairground, Santa Clara, CA.

Every now and then, a running event comes along that sounds like a lot of fun to get in on.

Here's one where music, lights and dancing afterwards might be a whole lot of fun.

The Rave Run 5k

Just $22 for Nighttime 5K Light-Show Entry with T-shirt, Glow Gear, and After Party on Saturday, May 11 (Up to $60 Value).

The Fine Print:

  • Expires Apr 27, 2013
  • Limit 1 per person, may buy 4 additional as gifts. Limit 1 per visit. Registration required by 4/27. Must sign waiver.
  • Limited availability.

  • To get in on this deal, click here and make sure you are in the Groupon San Jose, CA area.

    For more info. on The Rave Run 5k, click here.

    Have fun out there!

    Sunday, February 24, 2013

    Starbucks Run

    Today was the last day of the buy 1 lb Starbucks whole bean coffee, get a $5 gift card.

    So, I ran to a Starbucks, downed a complimentary tall coffee, then ran away with 1 lb coffee and a $5 gift card.

    My finisher "schwag."

    And, yes, it was awkward, trying to run holding 1 lb of coffee.

    Guestimate distance and calories burned:  6.15 miles @ 1:16

    Monday, February 11, 2013

    20 Miles with Mission Athletecare 50 SPF Review

    Easy wog as I had finished the 30th Kaiser Half Marathon (SF) just last weekend.

    Near the end, I had some "dark" miles in a literal sense; I need to bring a headlamp.

    I forgot to sunblock my lips.  Hopefully, they won't be dried out and flaky the next couple of days.

    I also tried out a different sunblock / sunscreen this time out.  Although, I use Neutrogena sunblock regularly in the past, I broke out in hives the last time I used it.

    In hindsight, my 20 miler today wasn't as bad as I thought it would be going in.

    20 miles @ 4:29

    Mission Athletecare 50 SPF

    My Mission Athletecare 50 SPF is from a continuous spray bottle.  It is sweat resistant and even showering afterwards, some of it is still on me.  I am pretty happy I didn't break out in hives.

    For those who don't like fragrance, proceed with caution.  The sunscreen does have a noticeable smell.  The smell didn't bother me.  It may or may not bother you.

    For more information about Mission Athletecare, click here.

    Thursday, February 7, 2013

    Very Hard to Say No to Five Guys Burgers and Fries

    Who doesn't love burgers?

    But, I don't love the fat that comes with them.

    I went by a Five Guys Burgers.  The smell of burgers being cooked was begging me to, "Just come on it and have one."

    I heard great things about their burgers except for the nutritional content.

    Very hard to say, "No."

    I then recalled the nutritional value I had looked up recently.  A cheese burgers stands at 840 calories.  500 calories is from fat.  It has 55 grams of fat.

    I just kept on walking.  But, it was very hard to walk away.

    For the nutritional value from Five Guys Burger, click here.

    Wednesday, February 6, 2013

    The 2013 30th Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon (SF): My Review. Event Date: February 3, 2013

    Going in to the Kaiser Permanente 1/2 Marathon (SF), I was very concerned.  January 2013 had not been a kind month.  I had a weak mileage base.  I ramped up my mileage and was experimenting with different running shoes and shoe inserts; all of which together caused ITB issues, which I usually don't experience.

    It was depressing.  I use to easily put in 8 milers without any issues.  And, suddenly, I was dogged with ITB issues as early as Mile 2.  The scary part was not knowing when it would all go away.

    The lighting for most of the race wasn't great for pics.  It seemed the best pics would have been taken from the other side.

    Pre-Race:  the Start.

    The first mile is pretty congested, but the road does widen out.

    The Conservatory of Flowers.

    The race leaves Golden Gate Park and goes thru the Panhandle.  There isn't a whole lot to see.

    The DMV.  License renewals, registration, etc.  Oh, wait...  I forgot this was Sunday.

     The race eventually turns back into Golden Gate Park before heading out to Ocean Beach.

    One of the buildings in the Japanese Tea Garden.

    Another building in the Japanese Tea Garden.

    It was a very nice day to run.  It was not too hot, and the sun was up.

    Somewhere in all that glare is the California Academy of Sciences.

    The race then made a left turn, and what happened next felt like Ground Hog Day.

    We ran back to the start area, going under the arch, out and back the other way.

    The race headed towards the fastest mile down hill.

    We then went by the pretty Rainbow Falls.

    After zooming down hill during the fastest mile of the race, I was very happy my ITB issues didn't flare up.

    We went by the Northwest Windmill.

    The race turned onto the out and back portions on the Great Highway.  Beware of the potholes.

    While running on the Great Highway, one can enjoy the lovely ocean views.

    We then went by the San Francico Zoo.  Fortunately, no lions and tigers were on the loose.

    The race then turned back into Golden Gate Park, towards the Finish.

    Finally, the Finish.

    I was beyond thrilled just to finish without any ITB issues.  My worst fears along the way were that I would get hobbled by ITB issues and have to walk the rest of the way, battling course closures and the course time limit running out.

    I was OK with the course.  Nothing stands out to wow me back to running it again, again and again.

    For this year, the event organizers brought back the bling for their 30th running.  Several years ago, for one year, they awarded finisher medals to only the 1st - 6,000 finishers, and the year after that, they eliminated finisher medals completely.

    My bib and bling.

    Next year is a question mark whether or not finisher medals will be awarded.

    Wog on, running peeps!

    6.19 Miles; ITB Issues Are Now Gone

    Last month (January 2013), I had ITB issues, which flared up during some of my runs.  It was miserable and depressing.  I use to knock out up to 8 miles easily, and I was hobbled by ITB issues as earliest as Mile 2 during some of my runs.  The biggest fear was not knowing when and if all the issues would go away.

    I suspect it was due to ramping up mileage too quickly on a poor mileage base and experimenting with different running shoes and shoe inserts.

    The mileage is now back up, and I've pretty much settled on the running shoes and inserts.  After several runs, including Super Bowl Sunday's Kaiser Permanente 1/2 Marathon (SF), I am so relieved the ITB issues have gone away.

    6.19 miles @ 1:18

    Very happy to be out there today.  Legs didn't feel too trashed from the Kaiser Permanente 1/2 Marathon (SF), I wogged along on Super Bowl Sunday, 3 days ago.

    Tuesday, February 5, 2013

    Happy National Pancake Day!

    Every year, International House of Pancakes (IHOP) holds a fundraiser on National Pancake Day.  The pancakes are free, and guests are asked for a donation towards charity.

    And, every year, I would love to stop by one.  The only problem is that there isn't one near me.

    So, I have to make my own pancakes.

    My Homemade Blueberry Pancakes.

    Happy National Pancake Day!