Monday, November 8, 2010

2011 ING New York City Marathon Monday Mania Registration. Bags Confiscated.

Odd as it sounds...

The 2010 ING New York Marathon was just yesterday, but they are opening registration for next year's race on November 8, 2010 at Noon EDT as a part of Monday Marathon.

On a sadder note:
  1. One of my FB friends, Ben, ran in the NYC Marathon yesterday.  His $50 hydration belt got tossed because it had a pouch.
  2. p28 of the 2010 ING New York City Marathon Handbook did mention that bags other than the gear bag issued would be confiscated.
  3. But, I do wonder what fool came up with the ideal that pouches which are running accessories, packs, belt and so forth are to be tossed.

On the brighter side of things:
Ben finished the marathon much faster because he was wasn't weighed down by the weight of the fluids he would have carried.

For those still willing to register for next year's race, I'd think twice about bringing a Camel Back or running vest on this one.

To head on over to the special lottery admitting folks early to the 2011 event, click here.

BTW, if I hadn't ran with a running vest on during my recent roasting and toasting at the Chicago Marathon, I would have ended up with a DNF as the temperatures seared to 89 F, and the aid stations had closed up by the time I had gotten to them.

New York City Marathon, are you listening?

1 comment:

  1. How strange. I ran with a Spibelt for my GUs, salt and other race necessities. No one said a word to me.

    Security was being pretty strict about backpacks, etc. as runners were entering the runners' village. I guess when your city has lived through all the terror incidents and threats that NYC has, their tight security is understandable. This event would be an appealing target due to its worldwide visibility.

    We did get a couple of handbooks from NYRR regarding all the rules and regulations. I have to admit that I didn't read everything. Maybe there was something in there about pouches? I'll have to go back and look at the photos I took before and during the race. I know I saw people wearing fuel belts, but I can't say for certain if I noticed any pouches being worn. There were so many aid stations that runners didn't really need to bring their own water. I'm not sure what runners who can't tolerate Gatorade did for electrolytes. Now I'm curious.