Saturday, October 30, 2010

2011 Los Angeles Marathon Course Map Pics.

I was at the RnR Los Angeles 1/2 Marathon Expo recently and came across the LA Marathon booth.

They had a course map of the 2011 LA Marathon.  I would assume it's not final and is tentative.

I did the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon and had fun.  Budget permitting, I would do it again.

I took a few pics of the course maps at the booth:
Mile 1 thru 12.  Notice they omitted the parking lot loop that was not popular last year.
Miles 9 thru 16.
Miles 14 thru 21.
Miles 20 thru The Finish.  Note:  The Final Line Festival looks to be moved further south.

For more info. on the Los Angeles Marathon, click here.

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  1. Yeah! This year we get to run through Little Tokyo!