Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gone Hiking at the Rocky Ridge 5k.

OK.  I became the hiking tortoise today at Brazen Racing's Rocky Ridge event all in the name of a tech T.  Yes, folks.  I did it for a T shirt.

Brazen Racing generally does challenging trail events around the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  Perhaps, once in a blue moon they do a flat and fast one.

Las Trampas where the Rocky Ridge events were held.  San Ramon, CA.
Too Early Might Be Bad for You.
I woke up too early and didn't get lost on the way over, which meant I got there when it was pitch black dark.

As I was walking from the dirt parking area, passed a gate and then down a dirt trail to the set up area, I kept thinking a mountain lion might just jump on me and make a meal out of me.  Another lady who arrived after I did said she thought the same thing as she was making her way through the darkness to the set up area.

The Start and The Finish.

Chip Timing.  Must return chip afterwards, or else...
Nice single track in the shade.

The Mile Markers were well done.  In addition, there was flour to mark off confusing intersections.
Nice flat patch.
Oh, how I wish everything was pancake flat!

Challenging Events.
I was told that their Rocky Ridge Half Marathon, 10k and 5k were their most challenging events.  The Half Marathon featured an elevation change of almost 4,000 feet.  The 10k had an elevation change of almost 1,500 feet.  And, the 5k event I did had an elevation change of almost 800 feet.

For the 5k, the big accent up hill started at around Mile 1.75.  It was a genuine slog fest.  A few folks even stopped along the way up to catch their breaths. 
Looking down from near the top.

Those thinking of flying downhill better take care.  It was steep enough where one had to slow down or risk injury.

There wasn't much to see out there.
The Spectators.

The weather started to get warm, but shade never seemed too far away along the course.
Enjoying the Shade.

Afterwards, I celebrated my hike with an It's It, which Brazen Racing is known for.
It's It.
By the Calories. 
I kinda of feel guilty for munching down on the It's It.  It has 340 calories, while my hike only burned up 298 calories.

I then reasoned that I have the Nike Women's Half Marathon the next day, so I will burn up those calories and then some the next day.

I also ate a couple of slices of watermelon, some orange slices, 1/2 a bagel with Nutella and 2 small pieces of chocolate chip cookies.

The Bling and Shirt.
The Bling.
The Shirt.

I had a fun hike today.

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