Monday, December 20, 2010

ZombieRunner Bay Trail 1/2 Marathon Review, Palo Alto, CA. Event date: December 19, 2010.

ZombieRunner Bay Trail 1/2 Marathon
Baylands Nature Preserve
Palo Alto, CA
December 19, 2010

Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve, Palo Alto, CA.

This event was some experience.  By the time I finished, I felt like I did an agility event instead.

I went without my Garmin and didn't run with a camera. listed 100% precipitation during parts of the event, and it was spot on.  I am not ready to plunk down $$$s on another Garmin or another camera.
The following sums up how my event went: 
  1. Snails crossing the trails - I had to slow down to avoid stepping on them.
  2. Cold - Brrr!!!
  3. Rain - Wet. Ugh!!!
  4. Wind gusts – At some points, trying to walk straight was a challenge; never mind trying to run.
  5. Puddles galore – It felt like I was doing tire drills without the tires but trying to avoid the puddles, and there were lots of puddles.
  6. Very slippery muddy sections – Nothing like slipping and sliding around each time my foot hits the ground.  I am amazed I didn’t fall down and went splat in the mud.

The following were unique things I saw along the way:
  1. Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course - I kept thinking some errant golf ball was going to whack me as I went by.
  2. Palo Alto Airport - The commuter planes look great to me when they were sitting on the ground.  But, it was a bit uneasy running when I had to run perpendicular across the runway where the planes came in for a landing or take off.

Overall, I am very happy I didn't slip along the muddy surfaces and fell into mud.  I'll be even happier if I am not sick the day after this event.

    Here's a pic of the bling:
    2010 ZombieRunner Bay Trail 5 Mile, 1/2 Marathon and Marathon bling.

    For the event course profile, click here.

    Gun time:  3:03:27
    Guestimate gross calories burned: 1,400

    A big thanks to ZombieRunner, a trail running and hiking store in Palo Alto, CA, for the awesome goodie bags.
    Nibbles in the goodie bag, included a Bonk Breaker bar and a Clif gel.

    A nice surprise in the goodie bag:  a ZombieRunner cap.

    And, a BIG hand to the great volunteers who braved the cold and rain to support the event.  It was cold enough running and wogging along during the event for the participants.  I can't imagine what it was like for the volunteers who didn't move much during the event.


    1. It's the day after the event, and I am not sick. Hurray!!!

    2. No cold here either! Hurray!

      Was my first trail race..couldn't believe how much harder it is to run with all the problems you listed above. (snails being the most interesting ;)

      I'll be there next year for sure.

    3. @Paul - Thanks for reading. Glad to hear others out there didn't catch a cold or worse afterwards. Schedule permitting, I would like to do this one again.