Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Test Drive: Nissan Leaf, the 100% All Electric, No Gas Vehicle. November 25, 2010.

This isn't running related, unless you think of how clean the air would be if all vehicles on the road were 0 emissions vehicles.

I came across the MyBart newsletter, listing a 2 for 1 admission offer to the San Francisco Auto Show held at the Moscone Center.  The day I went to the auto show was the last day the offer was valid.

My bro and I went on Thanksgiving Day, so it was not too crowded at the auto show, as most folks were at home trying to cook up their turkey, watching football or were traveling.

The Moscone Center.
Range Rover test drive area.  Or, the I hope this isn't one of those runaway Monster truck areas.

Entrance to the San Francisco Auto Show.
We arrived!.  This is the view from the top of the escalators just after entering.

Nissan Leaf Test Drive
When they stressed that the vehicle had 0 emissions, they were not kidding.  The test drives were done indoors.  Had it been a regular set of wheels, everyone would have been carted off by ambulances for breathing dangerous exhaust fumes.

Each test drive lasted 3 laps, and each vehicle went accompanied by one of the test driving staff.  And, good thing each test drive was accompanied by a staff member.  When I sat down in the driver's seat, I could not figure out how to start the engine and shift gears.

Off we go!!!
The Start reminds me of being at The Start of a half marathon.

A view of the dashboard of the Nissan Leaf from the rear.
The trunk of the Nissan Leaf.
What I thought of the Nissan Leaf?
I think it is wonderful that there are such vehicles.  It definitely reduces air pollution and is great for the environment.

One of the things I noticed about the vehicle compared to a regular gas powered vehicle is that there were no motor vibrations, vibrating thru the vehicle, especially when I grip the steering wheel.

  1. Great for the environment; 0 emissions.
  2. Great for those who do city driving, as you get more mileage thru city driving compared to highway driving
  3. In the long run, you save on your gas bill.  This vehicle is 100% electric.

  1. They estimated each charge would only get you about 100 miles.  And, the mileage does vary depending on your driving circumstances.  I need a vehicle that can  go longer than 100 miles, so this vehicle isn't for me.  Perhaps, later on when the single charge mileage range increases that I would consider one.
  2. Also, will there be enough charging stations available?  There is currently the uncertainty of where to plug in your vehicle to recharge when you are traveling as many of those charging stations have yet to be constructed.
  3. Up front costs of the vehicle.  Currently, it is about $26,220 net after tax savings.  There are gas powered vehicles similar to the size of the Nissan Leaf but priced less; for examples, the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sentra .  For general ideas on Nissan Leaf pricing, click here.

BTW, if the Highway Patrol wants to ticket you for doing 110 mph, you have a great excuse to fight against the speeding ticket.  The fastest mph that the Leaf would go is 90 mph.

For the technical features and specs, please click here.

For more information about the Nissan Leaf, click here.

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