Monday, November 29, 2010

Take That, Holiday Weight Gain! Wogged: 8.01 miles. November 29, 2010.

Wogged 8.01 miles @ 1:48:30
Consumed:  1 GU Tri Berry
Net calories:  721

Post Thanksgiving, I still feel like a slug, but if I keep this up, I won't feel sluggish for long.

Carbo Loading Deal. Groupon San Francisco More Deals Nearby: Goat Hill Pizza. Pay $10, get $20 worth of Food, Drinks and More. November 29, 2010.

Sometimes I do carbo load up for an event or long training run on pizza, and if I can save a few bucks on the food bill, that would be great!!!

Thru Groupon San Francisco More Great Deals Nearby, you can pay $10 for $20 worth of food, drinks and more at Goat Hill Pizza on Portrero Hill!!!

I have been to Goat Hill Pizza a few times before and love their pizza.

I am already signed up for the 2011 San Francisco 1st Half Marathon next July.  If my running friends don't rearrange my meal plans leading up to the event, I will be chowing down on a Goat Hill Pizza and saving a few bucks while doing so.

To get in on this deal, it should be on the right side of the screen in the "More Great Deals Nearby" after clicking here.  And, make sure you are in the Groupon San Francisco area.

IMHO, this is a great deal.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

5 Miles Against the Holiday Weight Gain. November 28, 2010.

5 miles @ 1:07:30
Gross calories:  515 calories

My original holiday plans fell thru.  Originally, I was going to run, jog and wog over the extended Thanksgiving weekend to put a dent into all the holiday food I was going to consume, but I went out shopping and to the San Francisco Auto Show with relatives.  Now, my spare tire is a bit bigger than it was before Thanksgiving, and I got to work off some of the weight..

To make sure I stay on track, I signed up for the following:

ZombieRunner Bay Trail 1/2 Marathon
Event date:  December 19, 2010

I just know I can't show up all unprepared and in bad shape.

I got stuffed after Thanksgiving. November 27, 2010.

I did good on the Thanksgiving Dinner this year and didn't stuff myself, but I didn't do as well 2 days later.

Although there were still leftover turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy in the fridge 2 days after Thanksgiving, the thought of eating the Thanksgiving dinner repeatedly for another next few days for lunch and dinner just was not appealing.

So, we went for sushi and rolls.

We settled on a local restaurant, Kiki Japanese Restaurant, which we have been to before.

Kiki Japanese Restaurant.
The Golden Tray.
The food is definitely not high end sushi but does taste good.  We were glad to have something else other than the Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, I just have to bust my tail off to work off the food.

My Test Drive: Nissan Leaf, the 100% All Electric, No Gas Vehicle. November 25, 2010.

This isn't running related, unless you think of how clean the air would be if all vehicles on the road were 0 emissions vehicles.

I came across the MyBart newsletter, listing a 2 for 1 admission offer to the San Francisco Auto Show held at the Moscone Center.  The day I went to the auto show was the last day the offer was valid.

My bro and I went on Thanksgiving Day, so it was not too crowded at the auto show, as most folks were at home trying to cook up their turkey, watching football or were traveling.

The Moscone Center.
Range Rover test drive area.  Or, the I hope this isn't one of those runaway Monster truck areas.

Entrance to the San Francisco Auto Show.
We arrived!.  This is the view from the top of the escalators just after entering.

Nissan Leaf Test Drive
When they stressed that the vehicle had 0 emissions, they were not kidding.  The test drives were done indoors.  Had it been a regular set of wheels, everyone would have been carted off by ambulances for breathing dangerous exhaust fumes.

Each test drive lasted 3 laps, and each vehicle went accompanied by one of the test driving staff.  And, good thing each test drive was accompanied by a staff member.  When I sat down in the driver's seat, I could not figure out how to start the engine and shift gears.

Off we go!!!
The Start reminds me of being at The Start of a half marathon.

A view of the dashboard of the Nissan Leaf from the rear.
The trunk of the Nissan Leaf.
What I thought of the Nissan Leaf?
I think it is wonderful that there are such vehicles.  It definitely reduces air pollution and is great for the environment.

One of the things I noticed about the vehicle compared to a regular gas powered vehicle is that there were no motor vibrations, vibrating thru the vehicle, especially when I grip the steering wheel.

  1. Great for the environment; 0 emissions.
  2. Great for those who do city driving, as you get more mileage thru city driving compared to highway driving
  3. In the long run, you save on your gas bill.  This vehicle is 100% electric.

  1. They estimated each charge would only get you about 100 miles.  And, the mileage does vary depending on your driving circumstances.  I need a vehicle that can  go longer than 100 miles, so this vehicle isn't for me.  Perhaps, later on when the single charge mileage range increases that I would consider one.
  2. Also, will there be enough charging stations available?  There is currently the uncertainty of where to plug in your vehicle to recharge when you are traveling as many of those charging stations have yet to be constructed.
  3. Up front costs of the vehicle.  Currently, it is about $26,220 net after tax savings.  There are gas powered vehicles similar to the size of the Nissan Leaf but priced less; for examples, the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sentra .  For general ideas on Nissan Leaf pricing, click here.

BTW, if the Highway Patrol wants to ticket you for doing 110 mph, you have a great excuse to fight against the speeding ticket.  The fastest mph that the Leaf would go is 90 mph.

For the technical features and specs, please click here.

For more information about the Nissan Leaf, click here.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 - 2011 Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Cyber Monday, 9 am to 5 pm PST

I was looking thru the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Cyber Monday promo and realized anyone can become a winner for the Most Extreme Package.

To automatically win the Most Extreme Package, you just have to register for 16 events in the 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series (excluding Las Vegas 2010 & 2011) within the timeframe allotted above (Monday, November 29 between 9am – 5pm PST), and you automatically win.

The Most Extreme Package includes the following:
  1. Access for one to VIP Race Weekend Events for all events
  2. One pair of Brooks Running Shoes
  3. One pair Sof Sole Insoles
  4. One pair Brooks Shorts
  5. One 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Series Tour Jacket
  6. One 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Series Tour T-Shirt
  7. One Rock ‘n’ Roll Series Hat or Beanie
  8. One Power Balance Bracelet
I don't have the travel budget to pull off 16 RnR events during 1 calendar year, but perhaps some Marathon Maniac or Half Fanatic out there does.

Anyone aspiring for a 50 States club?

As for those in the same boat as I am who don't have the travel budget to RnR across 16 events during 1 calendar year, you don't have to miss out on an attempt to win the Ultimate RockStar Package.

The Ultimate RockStar Package includes the following:
  1. One Free Race Entry for any other 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Series Event
  2. Round-trip flights for two people to the selected 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Series Destination from any US city
  3. Two rooms for 3 Night stays at the official Rock ‘n’ Roll Headquarters Hotel for the selected event
  4. Access for two to VIP Race Weekend Events for the selected event
  5. Two Official Rock ‘n’ Roll Online Training Plans
  6. Two Garmin Forerunner 310x GPS Watches
  7. Two Oakley Encounter™ Sunglasses
  8. Two pair Brooks Running Shoes
  9. Two pair Sof Sole Insoles
  10. Two pair Brooks Shorts
  11. Two 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Series Tour Jackets
  12. Two 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Series Tour T-Shirts
  13. Two Rock ‘n’ Roll Series Hats or Beanies
  14. Two Power Balance Bracelets
To enter for your chance to win the Ultimate RockStar Package, just look under in the "How to Win" section after clicking here.

If you win a package, I hope you will take me along with you.  :)

Good luck and happy shopping on Cyber Monday!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wogged 5 Very Windy Miles. Sampled New Formula Clif Shot Energy Gel Razz Flavor. November 23, 2010.

Earlier in the day, I really didn't want to go outside.  It stopped raining but was very windy.  But, I had to haul my behind outside as I have less than 4 months to get it together for the LA Marathon.

I also tried the new formula Clif Shot Energy Gel Razz flavor.  For colder temperatures, my favorite gel, GU, tends to be thicker.  I was looking for another gel that would be easier to squeeze out of its packet during the colder months.  The new formula Razz had a bit of cranberry aftertaste that didn't linger.  It was less powdery, or chalky, compared to the old formula.  But, it did meet what I was looking for which was easier to squeeze out of its packet during colder temps.
New formula Clif Shot Energy Gel Razz flavor.
5 miles
Very windy:  25 - 35 mph.  Wind gusts made me feel as I was doing the running man.
Gross calories:  599

Monday, November 22, 2010

Santa Skivvies Run, San Francisco, CA. Event date: December 5, 2010, Sunday.

It has been very cold lately.  I have been considering running with my running jacket on.

When lo and behold, I came across a charity run in December called the Santa Skivvies Run.  It's definitely promoting running in your skivvies, or undies.  It benefits the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and is supposed to be a run thru the Castro.

Those who register gets a Santa Hat.  OK, at least that will help keep your noggin warm as the rest of you freeze.

Those who reach certain fund raising amounts get other gifts.

Currently, there isn't a course map listed, but it did mention to expect to run 1 to 2 miles.

I don't know about you.  But, I am way too shy to run around in my undies.  And, given my recent experience being stopped by the cops, I don't want to be stopped again.

For more info., about the Santa Skivvies Run, click here.

Would you do a run in your skivvies?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

100th Bay to Breakers 12k Discount Link, MUST sign up for newsletter. Event date: May 15, 2011.

The latest newsletter for the Bay to Breakers 12k mentions that they will have a pre-sale email link to those who receive their newsletters.

So, if you want a pre-sale email link, I'd sign up for their newsletters now.

To sign up for their newsletters, click here.

I have done the 98th and 99th running of the Bay to Breakers and will definitely do the 100th running.

Just to let you know that this footrace is more of an event and is often congested if you are not an elite runner.

Stopped by the Cops.

I was walking to the bus stop.

And, next thing I know, the police stopped me.  They told me I look like someone they were looking for.  They even asked me for my ID.

I showed them my ID; they didn't say anything further; and they went away.

I have never been stopped by the cops before and was very surprised by the experience.

A part of me wondered what would have happened if I didn't have my ID with me.  Would I have been knocked over, handcuffed and dragged off to jail?  Or even worse?

I think I now understand how some folks feel that they are always being harassed by the police.  In my area, nerves are still frayed over the shooting death of Oscar Grant by a BART police officer.  A BART police officer claimed he was trying to taser Oscar Grant but mistook his gun for a taser.  Instead, he shot him in the back.  Oscar Grant later died.

Friday, November 19, 2010

SnowFest. Event dates: November 18, 20 and 21, 2010.

I made it to SnowFest at Sports Basement Presidio.
The Burton truck out front let me know I was at the right store.  :)
The 1st - 200 folks who spent $50 or more, got a value season lift ticket to Sugar Bowl ski area.  Attendees also for 10% off their purchases.

I needed some more gels for running, so I thought why not get a lift ticket out of it.  Currently, I'm not much of a skiier or snowboarder as the prices of lift tickets have skyrocketed over recent years at Lake Tahoe.

There was nibbles, beers and sodas for those in attendance.

For entertainment, there was a DJ spinning some tunes.
At times, it felt I was at a nightclub instead.
There were also raffle prizes, including helmets, goggles, lift tickets and 2 very nice pairs of skiis.  I didn't win anything from the main raffle.

Sierra at Tahoe also did its own raffle at its table at the event.  I won a Sierra at Tahoe beanie.  Thanks, Sierra at Tahoe, for the beanie!!!
The beanie definitely kept my noggin warm on the way home.
Some of the vendors included the following:
  1. Sierra at Tahoe
  2. Squaw Valley
  3. Sugar Bowl
  4. Alpine Meadows and Homewood
  5. Bear Valley
  6. Atomic
  7. Burton
  8. Rossignol
  9. Mammoth
  10. Snowbomb
  11. Snowpals
  12. Bay Area Ski Bus
  13. Under Armour
  14. Zip Car
Sports Basement is having another 2 SnowFest events at 2 of their other locations.  They are the following:
  1. Sports Basement Sunnyvale: Saturday, Nov. 20, 9am-1pm
  2. Sports Basement Walnut Creek: Sunday, Nov. 21, 9am-2pm
Have fun powder hounds!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Would You Want a Bobblehead of Yourself? Groupon San Francisco More Deals Nearby Redeem from Home. November 18, 2010.

Many of my friends run.  A few of them even pick elaborate running outfits during their events.  I know one guy has a cape on during his events.

And, when I was much younger, action figures of comic book characters and Star Wars characters were all the rage.

Would you immortalize yourself with a bobblehead of yourself?

There's a Groupon offer that will let you do just that.

Groupon San Francisco More Deals Nearby Redeem at Home (right side of the screen) has an offer for folks to have a bobblehead done up of yourself at a savings of 50% off.

To check out this out, click here.

What would you wear on your bobblehead?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bad day at work. 6.52 Miles Wogged. November 17, 2010.

I had a bad day at work.

I've recently started temping as the job market in my area is very rough.

I woke up early and did my long bus commute only to be sent home after 2 hours because they said they didn't have enough work for me.  I was told I would be paid for only 2 hours when I was scheduled for the entire day.  :(

My RT commute was longer than 2 hours.  :(

Anyhow, I finally managed to get in a wog of 6.52 miles.  It was my 1st in 3 weeks.  Things felt rusty.  Am in base rebuilding mode.

6.52 miles wogged @ 1:25
733 gross calories

Groupon San Francisco East Bay: Golden State Warriors Ticket at 50% off. Choose from 1 of 2 Dates and Get a Free Throw after the Game.

I'm not much of a basketball fan, but I thought this is an interesting deal.

Groupon San Francisco East Bay is offering tickets at 50% off and a bonus to the Golden State Warriors, who make their home at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA.

For $18, you get a Club 200-level ticket (sections 213–220 or 229–204) and a free throw after the game is over.

Choose between 1 of 2 games:
To get in on this deal, click here.

Enjoy the game and good luck on the free throw afterwards!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Southwest Airlines Schedule Now Open to August 12, 2011.

As they say, "You are now free to move about the country."  And, "Your bags fly free."

The Southwest Airlines schedule is now open to August 12, 2011.  To start planning and/or to purchase airfares, click here.

I am starting to get that itch to add half marathons and marathons to my schedule for 2011.

How about you?

Happy Flying!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

When is a Marathon Too Pricey? New York, Las Vegas, Walt Disney World and Chicago Marathons.

Monday Marathon Mania is over, but what is left still standing is the hefty registration fee for the ING New York Marathon.

For 2011, the registration fee for U.S. residents residing in the 50 states or the District of Columbia and who are non-members of the New York Road Runners (NYRR) is a whopping $196!!!

And, don't forget the $11 application fee that is non-refundable regardless if your application was accepted or not.

For other registration fees and more registration info. on the ING New York Marathon, please click here.

Since I doubt the reg fee would go down in future years, if your heart is set on doing New York, I would try to get this one over and done with before the price heads up any higher.

I believe the ING NYC Marathon is the most expensive marathon.  The 2010 RnR Las Vegas Marathon and Half Marathon are at $145 / $145.  The 2011 Los Angeles Marathon is $145.  The 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon and Half Marathon are at $135 / $135.  And, the recent 2010 Chicago Marathon was $135.

I am feeling that New York is getting to be too pricey for me.

At what point is a marathon too pricey?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Registration is now open for the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon and 5k, San Francisco. Event date: Super Bowl Sunday, 2/6/11.

This one SOLD OUT last year.  Not sure if it will again this year, so don't be left on the outside looking in if you want in.  Limited to 10,000.

IMHO, the price is very nice.  If you reg before 1/7/11, it's only $45 for an Adult.

I don't believe this event offers a bling, so I am taking a pass.

For those who want in, click here.

Happy running on Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Groupon Los Angeles More Great Deals Nearby: Santa Monica Gobble Wobble 5k. Event date: 11/27/10.

Those of you in LA can try to burn a few holiday calories at the Santa Monica Gobble Wobble 5k.

Pay $20 for an Adult Registration to the Santa Monica Gobble Wobble 5k.

This is up to 50% savings!!!

To get in on this Groupon Los Angeles More Great Deals Nearby, click here (it should be on the right side of your screen).

Happy Thanksavings!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shamrock'N Half Marathon Gets a New Course TBD. Event date: 3/13/11.

Oh, darn...  I had been hoping to run this one on the old course they had.  Someone once told me that it was the only event where they managed to get a sub-1:30.  I guess I had waited too long.  Because of construction, the course is being changed.  Although registration is opened for 2011, the course is to TBD.

I also heard that this event sometimes finishes on Raley Field, home of the Sacramento River Cats, the AAA affiliate to the Oakland A's, depending on the weather.

To register or for more info. about the Shamrock'N Half Marathon, click here.

Monday, November 8, 2010

2011 ING New York City Marathon Monday Mania Registration. Bags Confiscated.

Odd as it sounds...

The 2010 ING New York Marathon was just yesterday, but they are opening registration for next year's race on November 8, 2010 at Noon EDT as a part of Monday Marathon.

On a sadder note:
  1. One of my FB friends, Ben, ran in the NYC Marathon yesterday.  His $50 hydration belt got tossed because it had a pouch.
  2. p28 of the 2010 ING New York City Marathon Handbook did mention that bags other than the gear bag issued would be confiscated.
  3. But, I do wonder what fool came up with the ideal that pouches which are running accessories, packs, belt and so forth are to be tossed.

On the brighter side of things:
Ben finished the marathon much faster because he was wasn't weighed down by the weight of the fluids he would have carried.

For those still willing to register for next year's race, I'd think twice about bringing a Camel Back or running vest on this one.

To head on over to the special lottery admitting folks early to the 2011 event, click here.

BTW, if I hadn't ran with a running vest on during my recent roasting and toasting at the Chicago Marathon, I would have ended up with a DNF as the temperatures seared to 89 F, and the aid stations had closed up by the time I had gotten to them.

New York City Marathon, are you listening?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

2010 Inaugural RnR Los Angeles Half Marathon Review. Event date: 10/24/10.

Pre-Race Shuttles.
Hopped on 1 of the pre-race shuttles outside the Los Angeles Convention Center to the start area.  The race is a point to point one, starting in Griffith Park.
I didn't miss the bus.  :)
Ran into a fellow Half Marathon Crazy.
Dave and Me
Dave also does lots of marathons.  He is famous for being the Paul Frank Marathon Maniac / Half Fanatic because of his choice of Paul Frank shirts.  He also loves lululemon.

The Race.
Corrals - Not bad.  I got in and didn't feel squished or trampled over.

The Start - Wave starts.  It was about 1-2 minutes wait per wave to prevent crowding on the course.
Getting closer to The Start.
Mile 1 - Went by the LA Zoo.
LA Zoo.  Hopefully, no dangerous animals on the loose.
Mile 2 - I noticed my legs felt tired.  I have had a busy October leading up to this event.  For October, I was in the following:
  1. RnR San Jose 1/2
  2. Chicago Marathon
  3. Rocky Ridge 5k (hiking)
  4. Nike Women's 1/2
I know...  What was I thinking signing up for all these events?

    Mile 3 - I was positive my legs were telling to me that they want to slow down and then some.

    Mile 4 - My legs didn't feel as tired, but I noticed I was "stuck" with Mr. Spitter.  Gross!

    Mile 5 - The Salt Packet Mile.  At first from a distance, I thought it was confetti on the ground up ahead.  When I got closer, I realized someone must have spilled a large commercial bag of salt packets.

    Still stuck with Mr. Spitter.  He is still spitting now and then.  I have no idea why anyone would keep on spitting that often.

    Mile 6 - Long up hill slog up an over the Hyperion Ave bridge, I believe.  At the bottom of the hill, there were some taiko drummers.
    Taiko drummers.

    I lost Mr. Spitter during the up hill slog.

    Mile 8 - The hills just kept on coming.  At one point, we turned off Silver Lake and onto W. Sunset Bouvlevard.

    Mile 9 - It started out up hill.  We then made it to Echo Park Lake.
    Echo Park Lake.

    Mile 10 - Look up in the sky....  It's a bird..  It's a plane.  No wait...
    It's a giant Brooks guitar dude.
    And, just when you think you are done with hills, there's another one several blocks long.

    Mile 11 - Getting closer to downtown.
    Going downhill towards downtown LA.
    Though there weren't many crowds in downtown LA during the weekends, the tall buildings does provide some nice shade.

    Mile 13 - Finally!!!
    The red carpet Finish.
    By the Numbers.
    1. Gamin failed.  I had checked its charge the night before.  It was fine.  I try to turn it on this morning.  It wouldn't turn on.
    2. Chip:  2:50:44  (Odd as it sounds:  When I was wogging along, this event felt like the Nike Women's Half Marathon I did just last week.  Sure enough, I finished within 1 minute of the time I had finished at the NWM 1/2.)
    3. Calories:  1,500 estimated gross calories
    What I thought of the event?
    Another well done RnR event.

    The event was hillier than I had expected.
      Would I recommend the event?
      Yes, except to those that don't like hills.

      Would I do this one again?
      Yes.  But, it's not high on my list of redo events.

      Post Event.
      Concert Headliner:  Neon Trees played at the Nokia Theater / LA Live Plaza just across the Staples Center.  I briefly passed thru.  The music wasn't bad.  I wished I could have stayed a bit longer.
      Neon Trees perform outside at the Nokia Theater / LA Live Plaza.
      Special Thanks.
      A BIG thanks to the awesome and hardworking volunteers.  Thank you!!!

      Groupon: Los Angeles Nearby Deal for the Long Beach Turkey Trot 5k or 10k for $20 (Save up to $40!!!). Event date: 11/25/10.

      Thanksgiving and the holidays are just around the corner, which means everyone's girth usually gets bigger around this time of year.

      Never fear, your local turkey trot might help you burn somewhere between 300 to 700 calories if you run a 5k or 10k.

      For those in and around the Long Beach area, thru Groupon's More Great Deals Nearby near Los Angeles (look on right side of the screen), one can register for the Long Beach Turkey Trot 5k or 10k for just $20.

      This is up to $40 savings!!!

      To get in on this deal, click here.

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

      Friday, November 5, 2010

      Win an Autographed Copy of the Book, "Run to Overcome," by Meb Keflezighi from the Chic Runner.

      Long distance runner, Meb Keflezighi, overcame many obstacles in his life while on the road to winning last year's ING New York City Marathon.  He escaped poverty and war.  He arrived in America and spoke no English.  He also has had some major running injuries that hindered his running career.

      Other runners might have chosen to give up and retire from professional running completely instead of dealing with some of the injuries which had plagued Meb.  But, Meb persisted and worked through some of the lowest points of his running career.

      Recently, Meb released a book called, "Run to Overcome," chronicling many of these challenges in his life.
      Meb Keflezighi overcame many obstacles in "Run to Overcome."
      Runner and blogger, ChicRunner, at, is giving away 5 autographed copies of Meb's new book, "Run to Overcome."

      To find out how you can win an autographed copy, please go to:

      Good luck!!!

      $5 off the Inaugural Safari Park Half Marathon in San Diego, CA. Event date: 3/13/11.

      The following event is one I would definitely like to do if I know what my plans are for next year:

      Inaugural Safari Park Half Marathon
      San Diego, CA
      Event date:  3/13/11, Sunday

      Race proceeds will go towards building a new tiger exhibit.

      $5 off
      Code:  FBSPHM5
      Expires:  11/7/10

      For more info., about this event, please click here.

      This one sounds like a fun one.  Hopefully, no dangerous animals are on the loose during the event.

      2010 RnR Los Angeles Half Marathon Expo and Area Review.

      I will be breaking the 2010 Inaugural RnR Los Angeles 1/2 Marathon Expo and area review and Race review into 2 posts.

      Today's post will be on the Expo and area review.  I learned at this Expo and around the area how hard it is to buy food when there are huge conventions in the area.

      Busy area around the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles.  In addition to the Expo, there was a huge event for Herbal Life also taking place in the same building.  And, in the West Hall, there was a convention for Adobe.

      Los Angeles Convention Center sign.
      The pre-race info from the RnR Los Angeles 1/2 Marathon website was excellent.  I had no problems finding a parking space in the South Hall.
      I made it!  They even rolled out the red carpet.
      Something New.
      This was the first RnR event with the new national sponsor, Dodge.  At a section of the Expo, it felt like I went to an auto show instead.
      I don't think the gas mileage is that good on this one.
      Then, there was this green machine.  Literally, green...not environmentally-friendly green.
      Something Missing.
      It was definitely bigger than the RnR San Jose Expo; the San Jose one didn't have any seminar speakers and didn't even have a stage, while the RnR LA had both.  But, the RnR LA Expo was definitely smaller than the RnR Chicago Expo.

      Anyhow, I felt the Expo was missing something.  It was a PF Chang's booth.  From the many RnR events I had been at, there would be a PF Chang's booth with the free fortune cookies, the discount cards and the wristbands.  They were not here.  I miss the fortune cookies.  (sniff, sniff)

      I wonder if the missing PF Chang's booth is signaling the end of their sponsorship of RnR events.

      Packet Pickup.
      The packet, bib, T and goodie bag pickups were smooth.

      You, Again.
      You know you have been too many RnR events when some of the event reps start recognizing you.

      I did a vitamin bottle swap at the Nutrilite booth and was going thru their large big rig of a display.  Their rep said to me, "Didn't I see you somewhere recently before?"
      Nutrilite Vitamin Bottle Swap.  Give them an empty daily multivitamin bottle and go home with a new bottle of Nutrilite daily multivitamin.

      Sure enough, I saw him several weeks ago at the RnR San Jose 1/2 Marathon Expo.

      Other Half Marathon Crazies.
      I love half marathons and ran into some folks who were also crazy about them.
      From left to right:  Dave, Me, Sherry and Ethan.
      Foraging for Food.
      I snacked on some nachos at a concession stand before leaving to find more significant fare.  I was fortunate I went for the nachos as the restaurants were far away.  The restaurants were mostly near the other end on the west side, which was somewhat of a hike from the South Hall.  And, when I got there, the lines were like a mile long and out the door, because many of the Herbal Life convention goers were also foraging for food.  So, I came up empty.

      Outside Staples Center.
      Instead, I just checked out the outside of the Staples Center.
      The Staples Center.
      There was all these statues of athletic greatness outside the Staples Center.
      There was a statue of basketball great, Magic Johnson.
      Boxer, Oscar De La Hoya.
      Hockey great, Wayne Gretzky, aka "The Great One."
      There was also a statue of the late sports announcer, Francis Doyle "Chick" Hearn.  He was a long time announcer for the Los Angeles Lakers.
      Chick Hearn.
      Expo:  Round 2.
      To pass the time, I went back into the Expo before making my way upstairs to a concession stand.

      I was surprised when I passed by the seminar area.  Deena Kastor was not listed on the Group Seminar list, but there she was.
      From left to right:  Frank Shorter, Deena Kastor, Greg Meyer and the Penguin, who is standing.

      Blurbs on Those at the Group Seminar.
      1. Frank Shorter won the Gold medal in the marathon in the 1972 Summer Olympics.  He is credited with starting a running boom.  He is also listed as a co-founder of the PF Chang's RnR Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon events held in Arizona each year in January.
      2. Deena Kastor holds the American records in the marathon and half marathon.  She won the Bronze medal in the women's marathon in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece.
      3. Greg Meyer is the last American man to win the Boston Marathon.  He won in 1983.
      4. John Bingham, the Penguin, is a columnist and writer.  He currently writes a column for the Competitor Group.  His column appears in Competitor magazine.
      I later caught up with Deena Kastor at the RnR booth.
      Deena Kastor.
      I read that Deena would be pacing actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt, during the Half Marathon.

      It was a fun Expo, and I finally came across Deena Kastor.  And, BTW, I finally did make it upstairs to a concessions stand for food.

      I'll try to post my Race review tomorrow.

      Clif Shin Dig. Event date: 11/4/10.

      Since it's was a Clif Shin Dig, I expected to see some Clif snacks and nibbles.  I was not disappointed.

      But, I was surprised by the main "entree" by Toasty Melts, who operates as a mobile food cart.  They can be found at:  Toasty Melts are known for their grilled cheese sandwiches.
      Toasty Melts
      I had both the Apple, Bacon and Cheddar Grilled Cheese and the 3 Cheese Grilled Cheese.  I found both to be delicious.  Then again, I was famished after work today.

      There were also raffle prizes.  Some of the prizes included messenger bags and Clif T shirts.  Although I don't ride, I won a cycling jersey.  Perhaps, the I don't ride is why I won the jersey.  :)

      Small World:
      Someone named, Stephen, also attended the shin dig.  Although we have never met, we have a FB friend in common, who is Peggy, who moved to Philly recently.  He notice I had commented on Peggy's FB posts, and she had commented on my posts.  I guess it's another demonstration of the power of the Internet and social networking across the Internet.  You get to meet folks who know more about you before meeting you.

      Thursday, November 4, 2010

      "Even What Seemed the Impossible Can Happen." San Francisco Giants Pre Ticker Tape Parade. Event date: 11/3/10.

      Who would have figured the San Francisco Giants would have won the World Series this year?

      I recall the last time the Giants made a trip to the World Series.  During that last trip, they played against the Angels.  I can't recall if they were called the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or not back then.  But, what I recall was that the Giants had been leading comfortably.  Giants' Manager Dusty Baker went to the mound.  He took the ball and game from Pitcher Russ Ortiz.  That fateful decision would cost the Giants the game and the eventual World Series.  From that point on, I was certain a curse was upon the Giants.

      And, if you look at Giants' history, since their move to San Francisco from New York, the team has never won a World Series.  The team moved here in the late 1950s.  I was certain there must have been some unnatural forces at hand keeping them from winning a World Series.

      But, they did it.  They won the World Series this year.  They made what seemed the impossible happen.

      Although I had a meeting scheduled for later and might have to work during the parade, I managed to walk thru parts of the route of the Giants Ticker Tape parade before the parade had begun.
      Congrats!!!  SF Giants.
      And, that elusive title for over 50 years.  They are finally, "World Series Champions."
      Today was just an amazing day.  I never thought there would be such a day.  I guess the song from Journey is most accurate, "Don't Stop Believin'."

      Wednesday, November 3, 2010

      San Francisco Groupon: Pay $25 for $50 of Products, Rentals and Services at Lombardi Sports

      Those around San Francisco can get 50% off a variety of running gels, shoes, apparel, as well as other sporting goods, rentals and services at Lombardi Sports.

      This is a 1 day deal.

      To get in on this awesome San Francisco Groupon deal, click here.

      Happy savings!!!

      Tuesday, November 2, 2010

      Volunteers are not Chump Change you, Turkey Trail Trot.

      Running events require volunteers to make the events successful, and folks who are trying to volunteer shouldn't be treated as turkeys.

      What I can't stand is that some events just keep promoting the need for volunteers and when one responds, the event does not bother to respond but just keep trolling their ad for volunteers.  And, then at the last minute, they send you a blow off email.

      In 2008, I saw an ad on Craigslist for this event asking for volunteers.  I responded and saved the date on my calendar for the event.  I never received a response from anyone from this event, yet I see the event repost their seeking volunteers ad again.  Finally, near last minute, I finally received an email, saying thanks, but no thanks, check out the other event and contact them in your area if you want to volunteer.

      In 2009, same thing happened.

      Well, this is 2010.  I see your darn seeking volunteer ads posted not once but twice on Craigslist.  I am not volunteering for your event.  But, I will volunteer for other events and have done so.

      Beware of the Turkey Trail Trot!  They just troll volunteer ads and are not serious about getting volunteers.

      Add on:
      My friends did the Turkey Trail Trot one year, while my bro and friend did the Turkey Trail Trot another year.  They, all, had a good time.  So, from experience, it's OK to pay and run in it, but not good if you try to volunteer.