Sunday, November 28, 2010

I got stuffed after Thanksgiving. November 27, 2010.

I did good on the Thanksgiving Dinner this year and didn't stuff myself, but I didn't do as well 2 days later.

Although there were still leftover turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy in the fridge 2 days after Thanksgiving, the thought of eating the Thanksgiving dinner repeatedly for another next few days for lunch and dinner just was not appealing.

So, we went for sushi and rolls.

We settled on a local restaurant, Kiki Japanese Restaurant, which we have been to before.

Kiki Japanese Restaurant.
The Golden Tray.
The food is definitely not high end sushi but does taste good.  We were glad to have something else other than the Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, I just have to bust my tail off to work off the food.


  1. I'm Japanese and I can tell you it doesn't have to be hingh end as long as the fish is fresh! Yum!

  2. @Glenn - The stomach also won't know the difference if it's not high end just so long as the food is fresh.

  3. I've been to this place, quite a few times. Affordable sushi that doesn't suck, WIN!