Monday, October 31, 2011

Gone Volunteering at the ZombieRunner Halloween Run. Event date: October 30, 2011

I had a very, very, very busy weekend.

On Sunday, I went volunteering at the ZombieRunner Halloween Run organized by Coastal Trail Runs.

Course wise:  Compared to most events organized by Coastal Trail Runs, this course was pretty flat.  The elevation change over the Half Marathon distance was just a tiny 65 feet.

On the Menu:
  1. 5 Miler - actual was less (Note:  Trails runs are known for a bit of a variance between the actual distance because one just can't plop down the Start and Finish areas, as well as the aid stations where one likes.  Often, it's limited by natural barriers.)
  2. Half Marathon
  3. Marathon

Another fine event organized by the folks the Coastal Trail Runs.

Some runners dressed in costumes.

Here are Bunny and Fairy past an aid station.

Beware of the speed trap just past the Finish.  Runners were being ticketed for speeding.

Frankenstein was sneaking up on a runner.

There were several costume contests.  I was so busy volunteering I missed out on seeing how folks fared at the costume competitions.  I heard winners of some of the costume contests received a pair of shoes from Ahnu, who also sponsored the event.

The awesome finisher blings!

Thanks, ZombieRunner and Clif Bar, for sponsoring the event.

For more info. on ZombieRunner, click here.
For more info. on Clif Bar, click here.
For more info. on Ahnu, click here.
For more info. on Coastal Trail Runs, click here.

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Totally forgot about this..was on my long run and ran by Wendell cleaning up in the early afternoon and said hello. Sorry I didn't see you out there!

  2. @Paul - No worries. I was in several places. They were short on volunteers, and I got moved around. Perhaps, I'll see you out there next time.