Thursday, June 23, 2011

20 Miles with Some Issues Along the Way

Earlier this week, there was a heatwave, so my long run didn't happen until today (June 23, 2011).

Mile 8 - I was moseying along, and some large pebble fell into the heel of my shoe.  I took a few steps, and it was obviously large.  I then pulled over and emptied it out of my shoe.  I retied my shoes, took a few steps forward, then realize I had tied my shoelaces too tight.  Had to pull over again and retie them laces.

Mile 12 - It seems the pebble's smaller sibling, friend or relative fell into my heel this time as I was moseying along.  I had to pullover and empty it out of my shoe.

Mile 18 - Oh, IT Band, you sure didn't like me during this mile.  I pulled over 2x to stretch, which didn't seem to help.  I walked for a bit which seem to have helped.

Mile 19 - Tried to regroup.

Wogged 20 miles @ 4:22:41

Downed:  some Accelerade, some Strawberry Banana PowerBar gels, some Margarita Clif Shot Bloks.

Net guestimate calories burned:  1,323


  1. Re: shoe are right footed...also a heel striker. But if you aint' getting injured ..does it matter?

    Yah it was bugger hot, wasn't it.

    for the ITB stuff: have you tried using a foam roller? They worked for me

    I do this once every few weeks to keep them from getting too tight again.
    (forgive if you already know this stuff)

  2. @Paul - No worries... I've been hanging out with my new best friends, the foam roller and The Stick after my recent 20 miler.