Thursday, October 14, 2010

Marathon Mental Strategies and Bag of Tricks.

I attended the BATC: Marathon Training Speaker Series, Part 3.  The topic covered was marathon mental strategies.

World class marathoners, Peter Gilmore and Madga Lewy Boulet, were the speakers.

Peter emphasized focusing on "ruthless positivity."

Madga mentioned that in a long event, such as a marathon, you have to find something to pull out from your bag of tricks to keep you going.  She also mentioned that it helps out to break things down in small steps as you go along.

Afterwards I realized that I hadn't focused enough on the mental game.  I was always more concerned about trying to get in all the runs on schedule instead.

Now, I just need to work on my "ruthless positivity" and on my bag of tricks.

They also had raffles and some of the sponsors gave away some schwag.  I came away with the following:
GU gels, Saucony water bottle, and I won a $25 gift card from Sports Basement in a raffle. 
Thank you sponsors, Sports Basement, GU and Saucony.

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