Friday, October 29, 2010

Power Songs: Sean Kingston is Awesome; Justin Bieber in San Jose, CA. Event date: 10/28/10.

Some folks enjoy listening to music with running, jogging, wogging, walking or working out.  Some might even say they can't do it without their Power Song.

I went to a Justin Bieber concert at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA, and I came away with some ideas for some new Power Songs.

For starters, thank God, for Hearos.  Without them, I am not sure if my hearing would have survived all those crazy screaming girls.
My hearing was saved!!!
There were several opening acts.  They were the following:
  1. Burnham - A 3 brother act.  Kind of reminded me of the Jonas Brothers - type concept but probably without the religious part.  For more info., click here.
  2. Jasmine V. - Local home girl.  She is from San Jose, CA.  For more info., click here.
  3. Sean Kingston - His tunes had the crowd dancing and moving.  For more info., click here.
I am sure many of the screaming Justin Bieber fans would disagree with me, but I thought Sean Kingston's songs would be better suited for Power Songs and working out compared to the Bieber's.

The lighting wasn't great; they moved too fast; and the crazed screaming fans in front of me just couldn't keep their hands out of the air, blocking my view, but I managed a couple of pics.

Awesome Power Songs:  Sean Kingston, who was 1 of the opening acts.
Justin Bieber.
It was an interesting experience.

When I was much younger, my parents wouldn't take me to such events.

At this event, I saw tweens and teens with parents in tow.  I am sure it might be the first concert ever for some of them.  I saw many parents at the souvenir stands shelling out some serious bucks for multiple souvenir items for their kids.

Those kids are pretty darn lucky.


  1. What's pretty interesting is there are a bunch of groups who remain popular despite their age (like good wine?). My kids take advantage of that to get dad to pay for tickets. Seen in the last year or two: The Who, ZZ Top, George Clinton and Parliament Funkdaelic, KC and the SunshineBand, Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult, X, Rush, etc. etc. All at dad's expense.

  2. @Glenn - Your kids are pretty darn lucky. My bro and I have to pay for everything if we want to see something.