Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 Days of Rest but Now Back in the Saddle. September 6, 2011

I gave myself 2 rest days in a row (September 4 and 5, 2011).  It felt strange not being active for those 2 days, but I got back into the saddle today.

Confused at New Gym
I am trying out a new gym and am just confused over the computer to machine link.  I poked around on a stationary bicycle for several minutes and was still baffled.  I tried asking the person to my left and the person to my right before we pieced together something workable.

I have a feeling I'll be confused for a couple of weeks.

0:30:00 on a stationary bicycle

Then, went outside for a run.

4.11 miles @ 0:43:52 (speed work)

Back to Old Gym
I was so relieved to be back at my usual gym near the end of the day.  More importantly, no fuss over the computer links to the machines.  Just do your workout and then that's it.

0:35:00 of weights, free weights and abs

Getting Around
Walked 3.03 miles

Guestimate calories burned for the day:  1,230

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