Friday, July 1, 2011

Literally Left Outside, lululemon San Francisco Run Club Kick Off Event. June 30, 2011

I had been looking forward to checking out the revamped lululemon San Francisco Run Club, but I was disappointed at what occurred.  I was literally left outside after finishing my run, which has never happened to me ever before anywhere else.

The Start - lululemon on Grant Avenue.  I had been looking forward to the event.

The run itself was at times very hilly, very windy and sometimes scenic, but I was fine with the run itself.

I even came across a couple of famous spots along the way.  Here are a couple of pics:
Lombard Street, the crookedest street in San Francisco

The Palace of Fine Arts

At the end of most of my runs, I am usually happy, feeling that I had made it to the finish line for that day.

Today, I felt the same way until I got to the Finish, which was the lululemon store on Union Street.

When I approached the Finish, I saw a bunch of runners outside the store.  I thought it was kind of odd that there were that many people outside the store.  Also, normally, I usually would see smiles after a run was over, but everyone seemed sad and too quiet today.

I didn't find out why until I got to the door of the store why.  The lady there was turning everyone away.  She wasn't rude and certainly wasn't mean.  She was turning everyone away because there was a yoga class in session inside the store, and they were not allowing anyone in until the class was over.

I was stunned.  They did mention there would be a yoga class at 7:15 pm, but no where did they mention that everyone would be left outside until it was over.

Another disappointment was that it was a warm day, and I was thirsty along my run, thinking of a nice cup of cold water to drink just after I finished.  I didn't see any drinks outside.

I told the lady I was thirsty.  She went inside a couple of feet away from the front door and got me a cup of water to quench my thirst.
I thought the saddest part of it all was when I went down the street to some other store to change my clothes.

Add on:
I did receive an apology from someone at lululemon.

"Dear Mae, so sorry we weren't prepared with water outside the store for our runners. We'll be sure to have water readily availbel next time! Thanks for coming out to the run club event and hope to see you soon:)"

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