Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Pay Full Price for Running Events with Schwaggle? recently launched Schwaggle, which is their version of Groupon for running events and fitness related activities, services and products.

To date, I have seen the following 2 events among several blow out heavily discounted entries:

100th Bay to Breakers 12k
100th Bay to Breakers entries were blown out at 50% off.

2nd Oakland Marathon Events
Oakland Marathon entries were blown out at 47% off with an option to downgrade to the Half Marathon event. 

For events which have a history of poor reg. #'s, why bother to pay full price next time around or ever again?


  1. This is quite paradoxical. Some race events are advertising they are getting "sold out". While some like B2B (which is historically popular) is offering deep discounts. For some folks who registered for both events at full price, I'm thinking of waiting for 'deals' and not registering early. If the event gets sold out without a deal, good for the organizers.

  2. @Mohan - B2B usually don't sell least not for several years now that I've been participating.

    It's an event that many people show up as bandits.