Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pasadena Marathon Registration Open with a Discount and Shirt.* Event date: May 15, 2011.

I know many of my SoCal running peeps did this one and had an eye on the event date as its event date got shuffled around.

Here's their new event date:

Kaiser Permanente Pasadena Marathon
Event date:  May 15, 2011

*I really do like their registration prices and a free training shirt if you register thru Jan 3, 2011.
Through Jan  3 Through Feb 20
Full Marathon $63 $81
Half marathon $52.50 $67.50
10K  $31.50 $40.50
5K $24.50 $31.50
Bike Tour $28 $36
1K / 0.5K Kids Run $12.50 $12.50
1K Wheelchair Stroll $24.50 $31.50

For more info. and/or to register for the Pasadena Marathon and its other events, click here.

The Pasadena Marathon events are on the same date as the 100th Bay to Breakers 12k in San Francisco, CA.  So, don't register for 2 different events for the same date like one of my running friends did.  I guess he really didn't want to be sold out of 2 different events...or something like that.


  1. The ultimate challenge is to run another marathon the day after a PR. But in the rain? It rained the first 11 miles. (I thought it did not rain in Southern California.) I should have returned to the car and driven back to the hotel. Here we go again with the half marathoners and the marathoners running together until mile 10. I was running but my legs couldn't sustain it after mile 10. I walked for 2.5 miles and ran every 3 minutes for the race during the hills. No electrolyte drinks for almost 5 mile stretches. No pretzels, salt, or other "push you through" food. Shout out to the neighborhood family that gave us Vanilla Wafers and Jolly Ranchers in a Ziploc bag. Nothing like running with a Vanilla Wafers bag but this was my "electrolyte". I had to stop at a local store to get a Mountain Dew to finish the race. The nerve of one of the race coordinators to ask where I got my Mountain Dew when they had no Gatorade on the course. Paramedics were plentiful and not Kaiser Permanente. Thank goodness. Overall not well organized.

    For any inquiries, please follow this site:

  2. @nainah - Congrats pushing thru!!! I had no idea that one was that not well organized. Thanks for the heads up.