Sunday, January 9, 2011

Physical Activities from 1/3/11 to 1/8/11, including a Nike+ Sport Kit and Apple Nano Fail.

I haven't updated my activities on my blog but rest assure I did not stop doing some physical activity since the start of 2011.

1/3 - Wogged 8.29 miles. Things went great except for the part I went splat on the pavement.  I got road rash and scuffed my Garmin.  Downed:  1 Strawberry Banana PowerBar gel.  Net calories burned:   844.

1/5 - Brisk walk of 6.6 miles.  It's nice to save on bus fare.  Guestimate calories burned:  396.

1/6 - Brisk walk of 6.6 miles.  It's nice to save on bus fare again.  Guestimate calories burned:  396.

1/8 - Wogged 8 miles. Very glad I had my running jacket AND my running capris on; very cold (upper 40s F). Downed: 1 Strawberry Banana PowerBar gel. Net calories burned: 718.  Love my new Petzl light; now has 30+ miles.  (For my product review of the Petzl Signal Flasher, click here.)  OTOH: My Nike+ failed. :(

At the end of my wog on 1/8, I reached to stop my Nike+ and realized it is frozen.  :(

I have had Nike+ failures in the past when it is very cold.  But, this is the first time where the lock switch won't turn off and a major portion of the screen is blacked out (see pic above).

I even removed the Nike+ receiver from the Nano and the screen is still blacked out (see pic above).

Currently, I can not even turn the thing off.  :(

By the numbers from 1/3/11 to 1/8/11:
Total mileage:  29.49 miles
Total net calories burned:  2,354

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