Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marathon Carb Loading: Pizza.

I generally try to stay away from grease food but with the P.F. Chang's RnR Arizona Marathon around the corner, I decided to indulge a bit.


I sometimes do wonder what everyone else chows down on before their big event.


  1. Mmmm pizza! I used to carbo load with tons of pizza, spaghetti, and garlic bread. Or tacos, french fries, and doughnuts. Or anything else I felt like eating. And nothing before the run.

    Now, it's rice or spaghetti (easy on the sauce). I may also throw in a bite or two of pizza. I consume much smaller quantities of the above these days. But I also eat a little a couple hours before the run. Chocolate covered almonds, bagel, or banana.

    Good luck on your marathon tomorrow!

  2. I like basic pasta with a simple tomato sauce (no meat or cheese ...usually).

  3. @WadiaSoft - Thanks for the well wishes. Those are some great ideas on what to eat.

    @Paul - I usually eat pasta with tomato sauce more often with meat but w/o the cheese. In this case, I was pressed for time, and the pizza had to come out of a box.