Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bay to Breakers Registration Flip Flop; NOT Cool. January 11, 2011.

Now a days, it is not uncommon for some running events to blow out some of their remaining entries at reduced pricing when the event date approaches.

But, when the event is over 4 months away, it gets annoying especially to those who registered early at the early registration discounted prices a few weeks before.

In December 2010, Bay to Breakers promoted early discounted registration.  In order to receive the discount, one needed to sign up for their newsletters, which I did.

When early registration opened up, I registered at the early registration discounted price of $47 not including the fees.

Flash forward to January 11, 2011, Bay to Breakers entries were blown out at 50% off at $26 off of Schwaggle, which is the new "Groupon" for
I am feeling gyped of $21.

OK, Bay to Breakers, you might have gotten an Andrew Jackson + 1 out of me for 2011, but we'll see if you can get a penny out of me next year.

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