Sunday, January 9, 2011

Product Review: Petzl Signal Flasher. It's a Great Addition to Your Safety/Reflective Wear.

I came across this item at the Sports Basement - Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA and thought it would be a nice addition to my wogging gear:
The Petzl Signal Flasher.

I often wog along multi-use paths during the sunset and evenings hours and don't want speeding bicyclists to mow me down from behind.

I just set the unit to flashing mode, clip it to the back of my visor or cap and just go.

To date, I have logged 30+ miles on my Petzl Signal Flasher including 1 spill, and it does make me more visible to bicyclists and motorists.

The unit is pretty lightweight, weighing 22 grams including the batteries.  The batteries are included in the packaging.

One can wear the unit several ways.  It comes with an adjustable band, which you can adjust to wearing around your arm or around a piece of clothing.  It has a clip, which can be clipped to the backs of many caps and visors.

The unit can work in 2 modes, and the estimated lifespan of the batteries is the following:
1.  Flashing; 120 hours in flashing mode
2.  Non-flashing; 40 hours of continuous use mode

BTW, if you ever want to dress up as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, you should definitely put this on your shopping list.

It retails for around $15.

It is probably available at many other places, but the following are 2 places I know that carries them:
1.  Sports Basement - click here
2.  Road Runner Sports - click here

Happy running!!!

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  1. I have a similar light that I wear for *exactly* the same reason.