Monday, January 10, 2011

What to Wear for 38 F? January 10, 2011.

Here's a first for me:

Today was the first time ever I had gone for a morning wog.  It was 38 F, but I dragged my behind outside and got in 8 miles.

But before I went outside, I had to figure out what to wear.  It has been very cold lately, and I had no clue what to wear for 38 F.

Fortunately, I had the following book:
Marathon by Jeff Galloway.

My edition was an older edition and had a clothing chart in it.  I went with a S/S T over a L/S T and running capris.  Had I not had the book, I am positive I would have either been overdressed or underdressed.

It was interesting watching the sunrise instead of a sunset.

My least favorite part of being out and about in the morning was breathing the exhaust fumes of all these vehicles.  It seems a lot of morning commuters leave their engines idling while they cleaned their windows before driving off.  There are definitely much fewer idling vehicles in the evening.

And, my morning activities didn't end things for the day.  I got in a walk of 6.6 miles in the late afternoon.

For the Day:
8 miles wog @ 1:45:11; net calories burned:  800
6.6 miles brisk walk; guestimate calories burned:  396

Total mileage:  14.6 miles
Guestimate net calories burned:  1,196

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