Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reflections on Yesterday's 20 mile Wog: Overheated, Cramp and Humidity

Everything went fine until I got to Mile 15.

@ Mile 16 - I felt overheated.  I cut the engines a bit.

@ Mile 19 - Right leg cramped up.

I went home and found out the humidity was 78%.  The weather lady that night on the news mentioned the weather has been muggy.

Garmin:  4:31:17
Gross calories burned:  2,305

For next time:
  1. Generally, I don't check for humidity as it's usually not humid in my area.  But, for my long runs, I'll definitely check on humidity before heading out.
  2. If humid, drag water to toss over the head and pack more salt tabs.

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