Monday, September 27, 2010

Groupon: Warrior Dash, Hollister, CA (San Francisco area). Event date: 10/30/10.

Here's an event for those who like challenging obstacle courses as well as getting down and dirty:

Warrior Dash
Hollister, CA
Event date:  10/30/10

Participants go thru a challenging 3.5 mile obstacle course.  Obstacles* may include the following:
  1. jumping over fire
  2. climbing over wooden obstacles, including walls
  3. climbing on a rope ladder
  4. crossing over a gully on a wooden plank
  5. scrambling under barbwire
  6. tire scramble
  7. crossing a murky swamp
  8. treading thru tangled ropes
  9. climbing up and over bales of hay
  10. hilly run
  11. sliding down a slope
  12. going thru tunnels
* Note:  Obstacles on course may vary from those listed above.

Finishers receive the following:
  1. warrior hat
  2. warrior shirt
  3. and a bling
This deal is valid ONLY on:  9/27/10.

The regular price is $45 or $55 depending on when you register.  So, for $25, this is a great deal.

To get in on this deal via Groupon for $25, click here

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