Sunday, July 22, 2012

A New Weight Low and 2.8 Hilly and Hot Miles. July 21, 2012

Occasionally, I show up for a run with a local sporting goods store.  Sometimes, it is out of my way, but at least this way, I get to run a route that I probably would not run on my own.

It was a hot one today.  Many folks, including myself, opted to run across along the shadier side of the street on the return portion of the route.

2.8 miles @ 0:33:52

Afterwards went to the gym for 30 minutes of weights and abs.

When I got on the scale, I was happy, thrilled and everything else.  My weight has hit a new low.  I haven't weighed that less in over a decade.

Guestimate calories burned for the day:  400

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