Sunday, July 15, 2012

My 1st Yoga Class: So That's What Those Poses Are

For some time, I have been watching many folks ferrying their yoga mats here and there, and I wanted to try a yoga class to see what's it about.  But, somehow, things in the universe never seem to align themselves.

My original plans for the day had changed at the last minute, and I had heard there was a free yoga class hosted by a local sporting goods store.  So, I thought, this could be the alignment in the stars I needed to try one out.

Here's what I learned from my 1st yoga class:
1) So that's what those poses are...  They included:  a) cat, b) cow, c) child, d) plank, e) cobra, f) downward dog, g) warrior, h) tree and i) side angle poses.
2) My attention span and yoga don't seem to be a match.
3) I realized my balance wasn't great at times, but I got a very good core workout.
and 4) I was so tired from working late last night, the yoga mat looked very inviting to take a nap on.

The yoga mat looked inviting for nap time.

Post-1st yoga class, I have to admit, I don't believe it's a match for me.  But, I am game to try things out a few times just to try learn something new.

Later this day, I got in 4 miles.

4 miles @ 0:45:23
Guestimate calories burned from yoga and running:  659

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