Friday, November 11, 2011

Went on a Long Run in New Shoes and Ate a Bug. November 10, 2011

I heard bugs tend to be more active at sunrise and sunset.  I went out on a long run that went into the evening.  As I was breathing, something hit the back of my throat.  Next thing I know, I swallowed whatever it was.

Perhaps, I should invest in bug mask of some kind.

Note to thyself:  Do NOT pull out a pair of Nike Vomeros fresh out of a box to do a long run.  They were rather stiff, and I had to put in more energy to keep going.  This was not the case with several pairs of Asics Gel Nimbus.

New pair of Nike Vomero 5.  Start off with the shorter runs first before you hit the long runs in them.

All in all, I got in 13.24 miles @ 2:41:22 and walked 0.49 mile for a short cool down.

Guestimate net calories burned (bug not included):  1,027

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