Friday, November 18, 2011

Misadventures on an Adventure Run. November 17, 2011

Went running at the Road Runner Sports San Carlos Adventure Run.  This was the last adventure run for the year.

Heard it was coming back in March 2012 though.

How It Works?
Runners/walkers have less than 1 hour to run/walk to as many checkpoints as possible, gathering raffle tickets at each checkpoint.  Those who wear a special event tech T during the run received bonus tickets at each checkpoint.

Raffle tickets were later dropped into a container for chances to win raffle prizes, which included Foot Balance shoe inserts, Road Runner Sports gift certificates, nuun drink tablets and free pairs of Mizuno shoes.

Those of legal drinking age also received a free beer ticket for per-registering for the event, complements of Deschutes Brewery.

My misadventures consisted of the following:
  1. It was pretty dark at some points.
  2. I wasn't familiar with the area and got lost a bit along the way.
  3. But, the worst part was that I dropped my checkpoint raffle tickets along the way and had to backtrack looking for them.  I never found them, losing valuable time in addition to the tickets.  :(

After the run was over, I was happy with my running but felt pretty sad listening to the raffle numbers being called for possible winners.  Everyone else had way more tickets to check than the measly few I had.

None of my tickets were called out as a winner  But, I felt better when they tossed a few items into the crowd as prizes, and I managed to pick up 2 pairs of Feetures! tech socks and a package of PowerBar Gel Blasts.

I was happy to at least go home with a prize from the event.


3.24 miles @ 0:44:21

Also, walked 4.31 miles.

Guestimate calories burned:  589

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