Thursday, December 30, 2010

Product Test: Double Latte PowerBar Gel and Wogged 8 miles. December 30, 2010.

This was my last wog of 2010.

I celebrated by product testing a PowerBar gel during my last 8 miles for 2010.
The Double Latte PowerBar Gel has 50 mg of caffeine.

Today was cold and windy at times.  I was glad I wore my running jacket because I usually don't.

When cold, some gels become thicker in their packaging and cling to its packaging, but I didn't have any problems squeezing the PowerBar gel out of its packaging. 

The Double Latte PowerBar Gel tasted like a sweet and salty cup of coffee.

I have no doubt the extra sodium PowerBar gels will minimize some muscle cramping..

I also like the extra caffeine.  Sometimes, I just need an extra kick to go somewhere.  And, I believe the Double Latte flavor has the most caffeine at 50 mg in the PowerBar gel line.  Some flavors in the PowerBar gel line do not have caffeine, while some do. 

For more info. about PowerBar gels, click here.

8 miles @ 1:47:52.
Net calories burned:  756 calories.

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