Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wogged 8 Miles and Even Got Lost. December 12, 2010.

After being runned over by a recent convention, I finally managed to get on out there.

I wogged 8 miles today and even got lost along the way.

I ended up doing a trail run part of the way and twisted an ankle but fortunately very minor.  Hopefully, this isn't the practice run for the upcoming ZombieRunner 1/2 Marathon I had signed up for.  This event is next weekend on 12/19, Sunday.

I need to rebuild my base and felt under fueled.

Downed: 1 GU Jet Blackberry gel.  It was berry, berry delicious. :)

By the Numbers:
Wogged 8 miles @ 1:49:26
Net calories:  754 calories.

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