Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Give Back by Volunteering

Having participated in events ranging from short but fast 5k's, half marathons, a marathon and even an ultra marathon (a 50k, or 31+ miles...yeah, I know...what was I thinking?), the common denominator among all of these events is that without the hard working volunteers, none of these events would be successful or enjoyable for everyone involved.

Recently, I was able to find time in between my work, school and marathon training schedules to volunteer for a local triathlon.  On that morning, I woke up at an un-Godly hour, walked a mile to a bus stop, took a bus and then walked over 1/2 mile to get to an aid station that I would be volunteering at.

Here's a pic of the aid station with a nice view:

If you can, volunteer and help out your fellow athletes.

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