Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nike+ FuelBand: I'm Afraid to Open the Package

To those who run, some of you may have noticed Nike has been dropping limited numbers of the new Nike+ FuelBand a few times on and off of their website for sale.

Although I haven't understood completely what the new Nike+ FuelBand does, my experience with the Nike+ Sport Band was a positive experience to have nudged me into grabbing one of the Nike+ FuelBands.

I received my Nike+ FuelBand the other day and have already heard there are issues with syncing to the Nike+ system.  Coupled that with Nike+ is about to undergo a makeover later this year, makes me excited but also nervous.

My New Nike+ Fuel Band.  I'm Afraid to Open the Package.

The Nike+ FuelBand is suppose to track your movements via an accelerometer.  It's really a non-running device as it doesn't track mileage, distance or pace.

After you record your moments using the Nike+ FuelBand, you can sync them to Nike+.  It's suppose to be  tool to measure your physical activity and helps you reach your goals.

Retails:  Around $150 US.

To learn more about the Nike+ Fuel Band, click here.

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