Monday, February 13, 2012

20.01 Miles Including Some Very "Dark" Miles. February 12, 2012

The pressure is on to get back on track.

I really need to get this long run done.

The first few miles were just awful mentally.

I was depressed, thinking I might fall short.  A part of me was thinking that come event day, instead of me heading to the start line of a marathon, it might be wise just to stay home.

I was also mad at myself for working too much.

Eventually, those negative thoughts disappeared as the first few miles disappeared behind me.

Things felt pretty normal up to 13.1 miles.  To date, I have completed over 30 half marathons, so I am very confident up to 13.1 miles.  It's what's past 13.1 miles that concerns me.

When I passed the 13.1 mile, I became concerned.

At Mile 16, the wheels started to fall apart.

At Mile 17, I had reach into my "bag of tricks:"
  • Just to the next tree.
  • Just to the next bench.
  • Or, how about to the next parked car?

At Mile 18, a part of me wanted to stop.  But, I had to keep telling myself, "We got all the way to Mile 18.  Come on.  Just a bit more."

At Mile 19, I felt really awful.  My stomach felt funny.  I suspect it was to my being a bit under fueled this time out.  Next time, I need to eat more.

But, I did it!  I reached Mile 20.

20 miles @ 4:27:58

Net calories burned:  1,529


What a doozy of a 20 miler.  So glad it's done.  Schedule wise, I believe I can only fit 1 more 20 miler before race day.

My goal is just to complete the marathon on race day.  After today, I am a bit more confident I am going to complete it.


  1. Way to go! I think doing this kind of training run is much harder than an actual race, where you'll be able to feed off the energy of the other runners. Very nicely done!

  2. Way to go! Got it done...

    I agree with notthatlucas...the real race will be'll be trained and you'll have lots of goings on to enjoy.