Wednesday, February 29, 2012

20 Miles and Am Happy. February 28, 2012

This is it.  This is my last 20 miler before race day.

In a perfect world, an 18 week training program would have been in place; I wouldn't have to put in that many hours at work along the way; and, I also would have had 3 - 20 milers as my long runs going in.

But this is reality, and as it stands, I had to work lots of hours and was only able to get in 2 - 20 milers.

Several weeks ago, I got in a 20 miler, and things were very rough, mentally and physically.  For more details of how rough it was, click here.

Today was much happier.  I didn't have to bargain with myself as much compared to the last time out.

I also ate a lot more along the way, so my tummy wasn't as upset with me.

20 miles @ 4:28:24
Guesstimate net calories burned:  1,046


  1. hey woggingtortoise! Where are you?

  2. @Paul - Thanks for asking. I am alive, juggling 2 jobs and recently struggled to get a new fridge in. But, the fridge is in, and now, I can try to get back to running.

    1. Ok good to know! Glad you are ok..