Monday, January 23, 2012

Lesson Learned: Don't Just Watch the Weather Forecast, Just Head on Out; 5.01 Miles. January 22, 2012

Rain storms going thru my area.

I was monitoring the precipitation off of, trying to find a gap between the rainy periods, before heading out for a run.

The hourly forecast kept changing.  First, it would list a low precipiation percentage at a certain hour.  But, when it got to that hour, I can still hear the rain falling outside.  And, refreshing my web browser then would list a higher percentage of precipitation rate.

Eventually, I finally find a gap and headed out.

Before I got a mile in, it started to rain.  Oh, well, so much for watching the weather hoping for a drier run.

Along the way, there was a downed tree blocking the road.

5.01 miles @ 1:02:57
Calories burned:  573

Lesson learned:  Raining or not, save the hours of watching the weather forecast and just head on out.

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