Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cramming for a Marathon: 20 Miles. January 24, 2012

I am so behind on my marathon training program.  Given the crazy work load I had over the holidays, I lost my half marathon mileage base to build on top of.

Nevertheless, I am not ready to toss in the towel just yet.

For myself, an ideal marathon training program includes at least 3 or more 20 milers or longer distances.

Today, I finally manage to get in the 1st - 20 miler.  From the looks of things, I might only be able to get in 2 - 20 milers or longer before race day, oppose to my usual 3.  :(

20 miles @ 4:38:47
Net guestimate calories burned:  970  (Yes, 970.  I eat quite a bit along the way.)

I definitely need to bring my gloves.  It was very cold.  My fingers were so cold I had problems opening food packaging along the way, slowing me down quite a bit.

Although there were several ugly miles along the way, I am not ready to give up crossing that finish line on race day.


  1. Aww you'll do fine. Your a veteran.
    Keep on woggin'!

  2. @Paul - Thanks. Us, veterans, are usu. blessed with wisdom and common sense not to overdo it at this stage. I am very hopeful all of that will minimized chances of me landing on a bench before race day.