Friday, January 20, 2012

Event Planning 101: The Gear Check

A newer running event in my area was planning a training run on sections of their race course.  It mentioned it was a free supported event.  Things sound great!

Then, an interested participant asked regarding gear check.

The event organizer responded back by saying to leave your stuff in your own vehicles parked at a train station.  It seemed no arrangements was made for folks to check their gear.

I was shocked at the event organizer's lack of planning for those who use public transit.

In a major metropolitan area where many folks don't have a set of wheels and commute by public transit, leaving your items in your own vehicles demonstrates a complete lack of event planning and a lack of understanding for the demographics in the area.

All of the other running events in my area made arrangements for gear check even during their event training runs.

After further prodding regarding why no gear check was offered and pointing out to the event organizer that many other events in the area have made gear check arrangements during their free training runs, the event organizer lost their temper.

Don't know any way to slice it, but the gear check is in "Event Planning 101."  To not have it, is a demonstration of poor event organization and/or a demonstration of a lack of resources.

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