Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wogged 20 Miles and Out of Fluids at Mile 16. February 26, 2011

Decided against going to the gym today.
Going into this 20 miler, I was concerned I might overheat as my Nathan Race Vest blocks up the vent on the back of my running jacket.  It was the first time I went out with my race vest over my running jacket.
Wogged 20 miles.
47 F w/chilly wind; kept my running jacket on the entire time.
Ran out of Accelerade at Mile 16; need to load up more next time.
Downed: 2 Strawberry PowerBar gels, 2 fastpacks of Margarita with Salt Clif Shot Bloks and 2 salt tabs.
20 miles @ 4:26:04 
Net calories burned: 1,340
This is my last 20 Miler prepping up for the LA Marathon.  Ready or not, LA here I come!!!

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