Monday, February 7, 2011

17.64 Miles: Done in by a Pair of Socks and Tight Laces. February 7, 2011.

Wogged 17.64 miles. Supposed to be 20 miles.

Had issues with socks and laces around Mile 16; too tight and painful on top of my feet...tried fidgeting with them mid-wog...didn't work.

Next time: go with thinner socks.

I really hated stopping where I had stopped, but it was painful.  Hours later, the tops of my feet are still hurting.

Downed: 2 salt tablets, 2 Strawberry Banana PowerBar gels and 8 pieces of Margarita with Salt Clif Shot Bloks.

Gross calories burned: 1922.


  1. Hi,

    I use REI silk sock liners....thick socks like nike dry-fit don't work for me.


    PS: I've become a fan of cliff shot blocks. but gotta get me some of them Margarita flav...yum!

  2. @Paul - I usu. wear Nike Dri-Fit but didn't this time. Perhaps, I should get some REI silk sock liners also; they are thin.

    For distances longer than half marathons, I need Clif Shot Bloks. If I went with gels only, I get runner's diarrhea.

  3. @Paul - Silly me... Thanks for the advice and comments.