Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Celliant Tech T-Shirt Test and Kept on Going: 8.01 Miles

I was planning on 6 miles.  But, I felt great, so I kept on going.

I also finally tested out my long sleeve tech T shirt from the 2012 SF Marathon - 2nd Half.

It felt a bit warm but not overly hot.

The tech T is made by Celliant.  The fibers on the shirt are suppose to direct energy back into the body to improve oxygen going thru your bloodstream to improve your performance.  Even with the long sleeves rolled up, I really felt if I had a thinner or lighter shirt, I would have ran better.  Perhaps, this shirt is meant for running in colder weather than around 55 F.

8.01 miles @ 1:36:20

Guestimate calories burned:  887

For more on info. on Celliant, click here.

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