Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Southwest Airlines: What Happened to My Credits and Awards? March 2, 2011

My favorite airline, Southwest Airlines, underwent an overhaul of their frequent flyer program.  I logged into my account, saw my account listed at 0 balance and freaked out.  I was way closer to a new award ticket than to a 0 balance.  I am hoping by my writing this out, it will help out some folks out there.

Thanks to a nice poster on FB named, Jill Sadlak, and some poking around on Southwest's new frequent flyer program, I managed to find my old credits.

I tried to put the following directions on FB, but FB wouldn't permit such long post, so I am blogging about it here.

How to Find Your Credits and Awards on the Newly Overhauled Southwest Airlines Frequent Flyer Program.
  1. After logging in to your Southwest Airlines frequent flyer account, go to the middle on the right side of the screen where you should see your name and probably 0 points.
  2. Just go below the 0 points to "My Rapid Rewards."
  3. Click on the "+" box on the "My Rapid Rewards."
  4. There should be an area listing "Credit and Award Status."  There should be a "?" and the words "What Happened to My Credits and Awards?"
  5. Click on the words, "What Happened to My Credits and Awards?" and your old credits should be listed.  Just below your old credits, click on "View Full List of Awards" and your awards should be there.

Please forward this link around to help out other travelers.

For more info. about Southwest Airlines and their frequent flyer program, click here.  Currently, they are attempting to resolve issues, so I would try to be extra, extra, extra patient.

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