Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My 2011 LA Marathon - Snippet. Event date: March 20, 2011

The weather was brutal during the LA Marathon.  The rainy downpours were at times torrential rain.  The winds were strong and often were 20+ mph.

I has some bad miles along the way but finished very strong with a new PR on the marathon distance.

I'll try to put together a longer recap as soon as the pics come out.  I left the pic taking to the course photographers as I didn't want to damage my own camera.  I am hoping that a pic or 2 might be good enough.

I was very humbled by the brave volunteers and course spectators who supported the event.  They went thru a different type of endurance challenge supporting the event in such rough weather conditions.


  1. Congratulations with finishing the LA Marathon!

  2. Kudos for finishing Mae! Those were some tough conditions. I'm glad I only ran 8!

  3. @Jacqueline - Thank you.

    @Glenn - Thank you. That was a very rough "swim" to Santa Monica. How did the 8 go for you?

  4. Hey wogger!

    R U going to have a bigger write up on LA or did I miss it?

  5. @Paul - I definitely will. I'm waiting for some photos.