Monday, February 11, 2013

20 Miles with Mission Athletecare 50 SPF Review

Easy wog as I had finished the 30th Kaiser Half Marathon (SF) just last weekend.

Near the end, I had some "dark" miles in a literal sense; I need to bring a headlamp.

I forgot to sunblock my lips.  Hopefully, they won't be dried out and flaky the next couple of days.

I also tried out a different sunblock / sunscreen this time out.  Although, I use Neutrogena sunblock regularly in the past, I broke out in hives the last time I used it.

In hindsight, my 20 miler today wasn't as bad as I thought it would be going in.

20 miles @ 4:29

Mission Athletecare 50 SPF

My Mission Athletecare 50 SPF is from a continuous spray bottle.  It is sweat resistant and even showering afterwards, some of it is still on me.  I am pretty happy I didn't break out in hives.

For those who don't like fragrance, proceed with caution.  The sunscreen does have a noticeable smell.  The smell didn't bother me.  It may or may not bother you.

For more information about Mission Athletecare, click here.

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