Thursday, June 28, 2012

$100 off Ragnar Relay Napa Valley (CA). Expires: July 10, 2012

A few of my running friends have participated in teams during some of the Ragnar Relays.  A couple of them have done more than 1.  If you run multiple events during a time period, the bonus bling is absolutely gorgeous.

The relays often take place over the course of 2 days, including overnight, usually covering about 200 miles.  I was told it's like a moving party from beginning to the end.  Perhaps, someday, time permitting I would partcipate in one.

The Ragnar Relay Napa Valley is currently offering a $100 discount.  I believe the course goes thru wine country, over the famous Golden Gate Bridge and eventually finishing in Calistoga.

Ragnar Relay Napa Valley
September 14-15, 2012
$100 off
Code:  NV12ACT
Expires:  July 10, 2012

Valid only when code is entered during registration process and not valid on existing teams.

For more info. on Ragnar Relay, click here.

Happy savings!

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