Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Marathon PR Trashed Legs Meet the Adidas Boost

The hub bub is on for the Adidas Boost running shoes for about a few weeks now, and I haven't been able to meet a pair because of work.  It's suppose to have more bounce in its step and not break down as easy as other foam running shoes.

I showed up at an event today and was surprised there just happen to be demo pairs.

Earlier in the day, I was struggling to go downstairs as my legs are still trashed after the LA Marathon from 2 days ago.

Stairs after a marathon is no fun.

But, once I saw the Adidas Boost, even though I had marathon PR trashed legs, I really needed to go for a short run in them.  And, off we went around a parking lot.

Finally, I get to meet the Adidas Boost.

The Adidas Boost is very cushiony.  The top front part of the shoe is suppose to fit like a glove over the top front of the foot.

Since I usually go back and forth between the Nike Vomero and the Asics Nimbus, the Adidas Boost would fit in with my type of shoe.  Even my marathon PR trashed legs have to agree, I want a pair of the Adidas Boost.

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